Ferrari Chair + Fortuner Table Combo 1

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Combo Details – Ferrari (DBR) Chairs x 2 + Fortuner Center Table (DBR) x 1

Ferrari (DBR) chair and Fortuner (DBR) center table Combo is highly recommended for homes, gardens, resorts, office, lounges for ambient seating purposes.

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Ferrari is a flagship Deccan Chair model and is unique in many ways. They are ergonomically crafted, with contoured back and seat to support hips, lumber, spine and neck to support the back shape perfectly for extraordinary comfort – truly a RELAX CHAIRS! The seat height is ideal for all age groups including senior citizens find it easy to seat and get up. The broad handles for arm rest are at perfect height designed for true comfort.

Dimensions:(H) 920 mm, (W) 610 mm, (D) 750 mm

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic
  • Extremely Comfortable Design
  • Higher seat height
  • Excellent support for lumber and neck
  • Ideal for leisure seating

Fortuner is a newly introduced multipurpose table with textured sides and grained top surface. Fortuner is ideal as coffee tables with beautiful design. They are must for any house or commercial place. There is a provision of neat shelf for storing items such as newspapers.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Compact and Attractive Design
  • Can be packed in a box
  • Dimensions : (H) 440 mm, (W) 460 mm, (L) 810 mm
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